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When was the last time you received the personal attention you deserve and talked with someone about your health?

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Zen Soul Balance
is committed to empowering individuals to take responsibility for their health and achievement of their personal wellness goals. Clients are encouraged to make positive health changes through an individualized lifestyle program that raises awareness and creates balance. During the step by step process, clients receive the tools necessary to live a healthier, more fulfilled life. ZSB strives to reach beyond a nutritious diet and considers the whole person – body, mind, and spirit in the quest for optimal health and wellness. Based in San Diego, CA with services offered locally and worldwide.

I would love to hear from you! Call Me: (858) 412-7804 or Email: zensoulbalance@gmail.com

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  • "Jeny is the most amazing accountability coach! She listens & always offers great advice, I walk away after every conversation feeling like we've accomplished a lot & like I have a plan for the future! Love her!" Virginia Robertson -Jackson, WY
  • "Jen is so easy to talk to & always finds ways to help me rethink my lifestyle choices. She’s a great Health Coach!” Christine Murrell -Austin, TX
  • "Jen delivers calm, soothing, yet challenging yoga classes. I always leave feeling grounded & re-energized. I recommend her Hatha classes to see the benefits yourself!” Buu Luu -Mississauga, ON